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What Makes Pinnacle Weightlifting Different?

We are a stand-alone weightlifting and sports performance facility that focuses on the importance of teaching safety and proper technique, working with athletes of all abilities and ages. Pinnacle has taken athletes in all age groups to every National Championship over the past several years and prides itself on serving athletes of all experience levels, We range from competitive athletes to people simply looking to make long-term changes in their health and improve their quality of life. Pinnacle Weightlifting provides an environment that emphasizes individual goals and needs with personalized programming and coaching to help each athlete better attain their goals. We take pride in working with Cancer survivors and current cancer patients to help strengthen their bones with specialized training allowing them to feel better and gain their strength back. The cancer program is a donation based program.

We are a 4,500 sq ft facility, fully equipped with 11 platforms, 2 sets of jerk blocks, and a large section of additional equipment for specific strength training. This area includes functional training tools such as kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, sleds, ropes, and dumbbells to name a few.

Pinnacle believes strongly in the importance of recovery. Some of the recovery modalities that we currently have available to our members include: Rapid Reboot recovery system, Marc Pro recovery system, as well as, sauna, ice machine, and ice bath. Additionally, we have built relationships with other professionals in the community to include chiropractors, functional movement specialists, and nutritionists.

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